Author Topic: NVIDIA Quadro driver 305.93 certified  (Read 5647 times)

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NVIDIA Quadro driver 305.93 certified
« on: August 28, 2012, 02:58:17 PM »
Vista/7/8 64 bit
Vista/7/832 bit
XP 64
XP 32
What’s New in Version 305.93
 This driver offers performance improvements over previous driver versions,
including workstation compatibility fixes.
 See “Changes in Version 305.93” on page 9 for a list of changes and resolved issues in
this driver version.
Discontinued Features in this Release
 The NVIDIA® AutoCAD Performance driver is no longer integrated in the graphics
Standalone versions or version updates can still be downloaded from the NVIDIA
driver download page.
 The following features are removed from the NVIDIA Control Panel
• The Views option
You no longer need to select between Standard and Advanced views for many
NVIDIA Control Panel controls.
• The Profiles menu
 Support for Quadro SDI products is discontinued for Windows 8 and later operating
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