Author Topic: NVIDIA drivers 304.32 for Linux, FreeBSD and Solaris  (Read 3713 times)

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NVIDIA drivers 304.32 for Linux, FreeBSD and Solaris
« on: August 04, 2012, 02:08:53 PM »

NVIDIA received notification of a security exploit that uses NVIDIA UNIX device files to map and program registers to redirect the VGA window. Through the VGA window, the exploit can access any region of physical system memory. This arbitrary memory access can be further exploited, for example, to escalate user privileges.

Because any user with read and write access to the NVIDIA device files (which is needed to execute applications that use the GPU) could potentially exploit this vulnerability to gain access to arbitrary system memory, this vulnerability is classified as high risk by NVIDIA.

NVIDIA is resolving this problem by blocking user-space access to registers that control redirection of the VGA window. Further, NVIDIA is also blocking user-space access to registers that control GPU-internal microcontrollers, which could be used to achieve a similar exploit.

NVIDIA is committed to security and is working on more robust solutions to prevent malicious manipulations of GPUs.

NVIDIA has released an updated UNIX graphics driver 304.32 which contains the fix.

======== Release 304 Entries ========

    * Fixed a bug that caused applications that use DirectColor visuals, such as
      Enemy Territory: Quake Wars and Braid, to appear in shades of blue instead
      of the correct colors.

    * Modified handling of RRSetScreenSize requests to ignore requests that
      do not actually resize the screen.  This reduces screen flicker in certain
      cases when using GNOME.

    * Added a new option, "--disable-nouveau" to nvidia-installer. This
      option changes the action that is chosen by default when Nouveau
      is detected by nvidia-installer. If the "--disable-nouveau" option
      is set, then the default will be to attempt to disable Nouveau when
      it is detected; otherwise, no attempt will be made unless requested.
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