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OC with dual MSI N550GTX Ti /OC in SLI mode HELP !


I am very new to GPU overclocking. Though i have overclocked my sandybridge core-i7 2600K to some extent, I understand GPU OC is a bit critical. I request help from experienced  GPU overclocker to guide me through..
I have two MSI N550GTX-Ti Cyclone II 1GD5/OC setup in SLI mode. I have Afterburner and Kombustor installed in my system. Keeping Afterburner in its default settings I got a Kombustor Score of 1950 points (29FPS, 130000 ms).
I am unsure if SLI is at work because while Kombustor test is in progress, i see the GPU1 graph shoots up and runs steady at a level while GPU2 graph maintains the initial level.
I request experienced lot to help me understand and lend me a starting point from where i am sure i can pick up good.

I will check forum rules if i am permitted to stick-in a CPUID Validation link.


Looks like nobody here can help you, try the forums at Guru3D


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