Author Topic: NVIDIA CUDA 2.3 - C Programming Best Practices Guide released  (Read 8507 times)

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We've just released the CUDA C Programming Best Practices Guide. This guide is designed to help developers programming for the CUDA architecture using C with CUDA extensions implement high performance parallel algorithms and understand best practices for GPU Computing. Chapters on the following topics and more are included in the guide:

    * Introduction to Parallel Computing with CUDA
    * Performance Metrics
    * Memory Optimizations
    * Execution Configuration Optimizations
    * Instruction Optimizations
    * Control Flow
    * Debugging
    * Numerical Accuracy and Precision
    * Performance Optimization Strategies

This will be included with the 2.3 toolkit, but we decided to release it now because it's definitely worthwhile reading for any CUDA C developer (a lot of collected internal wisdom on proven optimization strategies, for example). Feel free to post any questions or comments in this thread.