Author Topic: Microsoft Psscor4 - Managed-Code Debugging Extension for WinDbg  (Read 5120 times)

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Psscor4 can help you diagnose high-memory issues, high-CPU issues, crashes, hangs and many other problems that might occur in a .NET application; in scenarios involving live processes or dump files.
If you are familiar with SOS.dll, the managed-debugging extension that ships with the .NET Framework, Psscor4.dll provides a superset of that functionality.
Most of the added functionality helps you identify issues in ASP.NET.For example, Psscor4 provides the ability to view:
•managed call stacks (with source mappings)
•managed exception information
•what types are in the managed heap and their reference chain
•which ASP.NET pages are running on which thread
•the contents of the ASP.NET cache
•and much more.