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checking if NVIDIA Surround is possible (C++, NvAPI)



I want to check (using C++), if usage of NVIDIA Surround is possible. I already have pieces of code checking number of available (connected) monitors and their resolutions (because it has to be the same for all screens for Surround to work).

There is no such function in nvapi.h (or I can't find it) to check or turn on or off the NVIDIA Surround.

Can you point me in any direction? I've already tried posting this question on NVIDIA Developer Forums, but I haven't got any answers yet.


I never played with NVIDIA Surround functions but did you already see this paper:

There are pieces of code using NVAPI.

i also have the same problem. i got headache in searching for it. lol! but when i tried the link JeGX posted,it somehow help me. thanks for that. :):)



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