Author Topic: gDEBugger 5.8 - OpenCL 1.1 is now supported  (Read 7285 times)

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gDEBugger 5.8 - OpenCL 1.1 is now supported
« on: December 18, 2010, 02:36:32 PM »
gDEBugger Version 5.8

    * OpenCL 1.1 is now supported by gDEBugger CL.


    * Improved the OpenCL forced / disable modes, the modes now retain the driver overhead and synchornization effects, and only lower the actual workload.
    * Added a cap to the number of debug and output strings reported, as applications using many of them at high frequency could cause the gDEBugger client application to respond slowly or even hang.

Fixed bugs:

    * When using rectangular (non-square / cube) OpenCL images, the bytes read, bytes written and bytes copied counters would display wrong values.
    * Using functions which take matrix or vector parameters would sometimes result in crashes if two such functions were called concurrently from two rendering threads.
    * Fixed a rare crash in multi-threaded applications.
    * In some configurations, the gDEBugger OpenGL and OpenCL servers would crash as the debugged application exited.
    * Some applications would experience crashes if the time difference between a context's creation and the first draw function call in it was too short.
    * When debugging several applications in one gDEBugger session, contexts were sometimes wrongly marked as deleted.
    * Calling glUniform1fARB with no current context could crash the OpenGL server.
    * Strings from the GL_AMD_debug_output and GL_AMDX_debug_output extensions were not shown correctly in the API Calls History view.
    * Some parameters in glBlitFramebufferEXT, glBufferAddressRangeNV and clCreate
    * functions were logged incorrectly.
    * When an OpenCL object is released, properties views would continue to display (broken) links to it.
    * OpenGL state variables related to the GL_NV_texture_shader extension were not properly marked as unsupported on implementations that do not support the extension.
    * Some deprecated calls to glBindBufferARB were not correctly marked as such.
    * OpenCL kernel names were diplayed with garbage numbers in the OpenCL Command Queues viewer properties.
    * Windows + Linux: Deleting a context would cause the current context to be detached from the current thread, even if it was not the deleted context.
    * Windows: The gDEBugger OpenGL server would occasionally hang while updating context data with newer ATI graphics drivers.
    * Windows: The gDEBugger OpenCL server would sometimes hang when debugging OpenCL-only applications.
    * Mac: False calls of glGetIntegerv were sometimes reported.
    * Mac: When using pixel formats that have no depth or no stencil bits, an (non-functional) buffer was still shown in the Textures, Buffers and Images viewer.
    * Linux: Configurations which use the LIBGL_DRIVERS_PATH environment variable would wrongly get the message that the driver does not exist.
    * Linux: Using glXCreateContextAttribsARB without certain context flags would cause crashes in some scenarios.