Author Topic: NVIDIA PhysX SDK for Mac OSX version 2.8.4 released  (Read 4646 times)

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NVIDIA PhysX SDK for Mac OSX version 2.8.4 released
« on: November 12, 2010, 05:41:45 PM »
Developers may download it here

Release Notes - NVIDIA PhysX SDK 2.8.4
November 12th 2010
What's New In NVIDIA PhysX 2.8.4

    * Discontinued the Training Programs.
    * Added source code of NxTetra (tet-maker) utility to source distribution.
    * Removed spin waits from sample code.
    * Added API to permit the user to specify the order in which compartments are simulated.
    * Added compression limits to cloth.
    * Cloth simulation no longer performs prediction for kinematic rigid bodies for improved interaction behavior.
    * New 'driverless' PhysXLoader for PC CPU distribution.
      In 2.8.4, application developers must ship PhysXCore.dll, PhysXCooking.dll, the cudarXX_XX_X.dll and physxdevice.dll with the application 'locally', in the directory where the .exe is located:
          o The application requests PhysXCore or PhysXCooking (v 2.8.4) from the PhysXLoader.
          o PhysXLoader searches for another DLL called 'PhysXUpdateLoader'.
          o If PhysXUpdateLoader is not found, PhysXLoader will load the local PhysXCore or PhysXCooking.
          o If PhysXUpdateLoader is found, it looks for an updated replacement for the PhysXCore or PhysXCooking dlls.
          o If PhysXUpdateLoader cannot find the specified replacement DLL, PhysXLoader will load the local PhysXCore or PhysXCooking dlls.
          o If PhysXUpdateLoader can find the replacement DLLs, these will be loaded in place of the local PhysCore or PhysXCooking dlls.
    * The net result is that the developer has more control over the game installation process, doesn't have to worry about shipping a large System Software with the game, doesn't have to worry that the player will break his System Software somehow, etc.
    * Better rotation matrix input validity checking.
    * Made Desc::isValid() more verbose.
    * CUDA errors are now reported to the debug stream.
    * Added extended scene statistics for GPU memory usage.
    * Lowered the default GPU memory heap size to 32 MB from 128 MB. You may use NxPhysicsSDKDesc::gpuHeapSize to change how much GPU memory is allocated for physics.
    * Disabled GPU acceleration by default. Clear NX_SDF_NO_HARDWARE to enable it.
    * Corrected inertia and volume computation for capsule. For the same capsule dimension and density, the mass and inertia is slightly different compared to the previous release.

Supported Devices

    * The supported devices are the same as for PhysX 2.8.1 (see below), except that the AGEIA PhysX Processor (PPU) device support was removed.


    * Enabled /arch:SSE2 compiler switch for all optimized PC builds.
    * Optimized PS3 SPU Memory Manager
    * Optimized AgPerfmon AgPerfUtils wrapper
    * Optimized cloth simulation on PS3, XBOX 360, PC CPU

Fixed Bugs

    * Debugged PS3 SPU Memory Manager
    * Fluids now collide properly when static shapes are removed or added.
    * Fixed crash bug in character controller sample.
    * Fixed a number of bugs in the HSM.
    * In the event of a CUDA error (typically a failed launch or an inadequately sized CUDA memory heap), the NxFluid will not allow the addition of any more particles.

Known Issues and Limitations

    * Please also see the previous lists from 2.8.3 and earlier.

API changes

    * Cloth
          o NxCloth::getShapePointers() no longer returns shape flags.
          o Added methods to NxCloth and members to NxClothDesc to set compression parameters.
          o NxCloth::setFlag() can no longer be used to change NX_CLF_BENDING_ORTHO, use flag in NxClothDesc instead.
    * Fluids
          o Removed NxFluidFlag::NX_FF_ENABLE_STATIC_FRICTION. Static friction is enabled by default now.
    * Added NxPhysicsSDK::resizeGpuHeap() to allow changing the GPU heap size after SDK creation. See the GPU Memory section of the User's Guide for details.
    * NxPhysicsSDKDesc::flags has NX_SDKF_NO_HARDWARE set by default.
    * Added checkValid() method to descriptors that return an error code instead of the boolean of isValid().
    * The experimental NxScene::simulateCompartments() method has been added. It gives more control over the order in which compartments get simulated.
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