Author Topic: Gamestudio/A8 with PhysX overhaul released  (Read 4391 times)

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Gamestudio/A8 with PhysX overhaul released
« on: August 05, 2010, 05:32:54 AM »
The long awaited, revolutionary new version is finally there! Gamestudio A8 gets rid of many legacy libraries of previous versions and replaces them by new technologies. It introduces the PhysX engine for physic, Enet for networking, OpenAL for audio, and portals for rendering. The A8 engine supports up to 200000 entities per level and uses the graphics hardware for animation and bitmap processing. Still, A8 is compatible to its predecessors and can run most A6 and A7 projects (except for physics).

Except for physics functions, version 8.00 is 100% script compatible to all A7 and A6 version from A6.40 and above.

New samples were added: digital.c for the video_border function (Vista and above only); knightsonwheels.c, Ventilator's contest entry modified for the car library; crowd.c for GUI based bones calculation (Commercial and above only); earthball8.c, the PhysX version of the earthball sample; and physXtest.c for testing the speed of the PhysX implementation.

The car template was adapted to PhysX, and underwent a major cleanup on that occasion. A new car.c library with often-used vehicle function was added, and replaces the old tcar.c library from the templates.

pX.. commands  replaced the ph_  physics commands. The syntax is mostly maintained, so it's easy to move old physics applications to A8. In almost all cases this will result in a better frame rate and greater stability of the physics simulation. With an nVIDIA graphics card, the PhysX subsystem can now handle thousands of simultaneously touching physics objects (see samples\physXtest.c)