Author Topic: Ambient Occlusion Volumes  (Read 3831 times)

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Ambient Occlusion Volumes
« on: June 21, 2010, 05:52:43 AM »
This paper introduces a new approximation algorithm for the near-field ambient occlusion problem. It combines
known pieces in a new way to achieve substantially improved quality over fast methods and substantially improved
performance compared to accurate methods. Intuitively, it computes the analog of a shadow volume for ambient
light around each polygon, and then applies a tunable occlusion function within the region it encloses. The algo-
rithm operates on dynamic triangle meshes and produces output that is comparable to ray traced occlusion for
many scenes. The algorithm’s performance on modern GPUs is largely independent of geometric complexity and
is dominated by fill rate, as is the case with most deferred shading algorithms.