Author Topic: Fast and Accurate Single-Pass A-Buffer using OpenGL 4.0+  (Read 7477 times)

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Fast and Accurate Single-Pass A-Buffer using OpenGL 4.0+
« on: June 09, 2010, 11:49:40 PM »
Basically an A-buffer is a simple list of fragments per pixel. Previous methods to implement it on DX10 generation hardware required multiple passes to capture an interesting number of fragments per pixel. They where essentially based on depth-peeling, with enhancements allowing to capture more than one layer per geometric pass, like the k-buffer and stencil routed k-buffer that suffers from read-modify-write hazards. Bucket sort depth peeling allows to capture up to 32 fragments per geometry pass but with only 32 bits per fragment (just a depth) and at the cost of potential collisions.
All these techniques were complex and basically limited by the maximum of 8 render targets that were writable by the fragment shader.

Full story at Icare3D