Author Topic: ATI OpenCL Course: Introduction to OpenCL Programming  (Read 4910 times)

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ATI OpenCL Course: Introduction to OpenCL Programming
« on: June 04, 2010, 06:17:15 AM »
In this class, we will introduce OpenCL™. We start with an overview of GPU compute since the desire to take advantage of modern GPU computational power in general applications was a main motivator in the development of OpenCL™. The discussion includes some of the early APIs developed to harness the increasing programmable computational power available in modern graphics processors.

We then introduce the anatomy and programming model of OpenCL™ and take you through some of the highlights of installing the ATI Stream SDK v2 which includes support for OpenCL™ 1.0 on x86 CPUs and AMD GPUs. Then, the practical portions of the OpenCL™ runtime and kernel specifications are discussed in detail.

At the end, we discussion optimization tips to help you avoid common pitfalls when coding your applications in OpenCL™. For students who may have existing code written for the proprietary interface, CUDA, we discuss the easy steps involved in porting that code to OpenCL™.