File: GeeXLab

Version: (for M1 arm64)

MD5:: 3F70A795B6B292807874D3A9B588ED47

ADDED ON: 2022-12-23


DESCRIPTION: GeeXLab is a scriptable proto-engine. It can be used for 2D/3D programming, game development, creative coding or prototyping. GeeXLab is based on Lua, Python, OpenGL, Vulkan and Direct3D 12 and is cross-platform (Windows, Linux, Raspberry Pi and macOS).

This version of GeeXLab is for macOS Big Sur (and higher) running on Apple M1 (arm64) architecture.
Tested on latest macOS 13.1 (Ventura).

Recent versions of macOS claim that GeeXLab is damaged. Here is how to fix it:


MORE INFO: [web]