File: GeeXLab

Version: (32-bit)

MD5:: 8C9A163243F38FA93EBB043A6E86A9AE

ADDED ON: 2023-06-09

PLATFORM: raspberry pi w/ OpenGL 2.1

DESCRIPTION: GeeXLab is a scriptable proto-engine. It can be used for 2D/3D programming, game development, creative coding or prototyping. GeeXLab is based on Lua, Python, OpenGL, Vulkan and Direct3D 12 and is cross-platform (Windows, Linux, Raspberry Pi and macOS).

For Raspberry Pi OS (with GLIBC 2.31).

This is 32-bit version of GeeXLab for Raspberry Pi OS.

A 64-bit version is available here:

MORE INFO: [web]