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NVScene 2008: Into the Pink by Plastic (DEMO)

This demo has been released at NVScene 2008. This is an OpenGL demo.


For high-resolution screenshots, I created a topic here: [DEMO] Into the Pink by Plastic @ oZone3D.Net Forums.

This is my favourite demo! Very impressive and depth of field effect is mastered. I like it. But this demo requires a powerful system: 20 fps on my GeForce GTX 280 / Core2Duo E8400…

Demoscene – Intro 4k: kindercrasher by Rgba

A cool 4k intro made by rgba:
rgba homepage

From rgba_kindercrasher.txt:

this one works with just pixel shaders 2. now, one thing is “to work” and another one to run smoothly. my ati radeon9800 is quite under the limit of what i would recomend (hey, but it’s a four years old card, so..). any non crapy card should do it, really. the code is pretty simple too, if it does not work, please blame your opengl implementator, thanks very much.

Buenzli 17

Buenzli, the Switzerland demoscene event has updated its website. The 17th edition will take place on 15/16/17 August 2008 in Winterthur (Switzerland).

Buenzli, la célèbre demoparty de la scène suisse a mis à jour son site web. La 17ème edition aura lieu les 15/16/17 Aout 2008 à Winterthur (Suisse).

Demoscene: Realtime Generation

Here is a nice prod from Smash (Fairlight) and Navis (ASD). This is a DirectX 9 prod and it requires a fast PS 3.0 graphics card.

Voici une belle petite production de deux pilliers de la demoscene, Smash (Fairlight) and Navis (ASD). C’est une démo DirectX9 et elle demande une carte graphique très véloce surtout avec les pixel shaders en version 3.0.

PouetLink: Realtime Generation