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Geeks3D is a blog dedicated to those who want to keep a finger on pulse of the tech side of 3D industry. Then advertising on Geeks3D is a good way to reach computer and 3D graphics enthusiasts.

The site is targeted to 3D graphics developers, game developers, gamers, overclockers, scientists and tech heads, technical artists and interested consumers.

Geeks3D is open for advertising placement with very attractive prices. For now, only the following ads are accepted:

  • 125×125 square banner in right sidebars.
  • skyscraper banner (width=160, height=custom) in right sidebars.
  • horizontal banner on the top of every post (max width=400 pixels).
  • horizontal premium banner on the top of the site (max width=600 pixels).

All banners appear on every post.
Accepted file formats include jpg, gif and png.
Animation are allowed (GIF or Flash).
Payment is done via PayPal.
Ad campaigns are available on a month basis with a discount available for a 3 months plan!

If you’re interested in purchasing an ad space, contact me or simply email me
at jegx AT