Hello and welcome to Geeks3D.

I’m JeGX and after having founded oZone3D.Net, I created this blog with the unique purpose of writing about 3d tech news each and every day (tough task but I try…). There are many websites focused on graphics hardware, a bit less on graphics programming, two domains I like. So my idea was to gather in one place all news that matter in both fields.

Geeks3D posts about a variety of topics including graphics cards, gaming computers, graphics programming, OpenGL, Direct3D, PhysX, real time 3D softwares, demoscene, in a word anything that is related to the crazy world of 3D!

I’m a french guy, so please be tolerant with my english, I try to write it as best I can. If you see a big mistake in what I wrote, do not hesitate to point it out!

If you have any comments, crispy info, or just want to say hello, feel free to contact me at tips[SPAMMERS-MUST-DIE]@geeks3d.com, or just use the comments section of each post.

You can also send me a message using the contact form.

Enjoy Reading!