FurMark 1.20.0 Released

FurMark 1.20, stress test session

A new version of FurMark, the popular GPU burn-in utility, is available.

1 – Release highlights

FurMark 1.20.0 is a maintenance release and brings the support of new GPUs (NVIDIA Quadro P1000/P4000, GeForce GTX 1060 5GB, TITAN V) as well as 21/9 resolutions. GPU monitoring utilities GPU Shark and GPU-Z have been updated to their latest versions.

The affinity mask of the render thread is now set to 0 by default which means that Windows is free to run the render thread on any logical core of the CPU. In previous versions of FurMark, the render thread was forced to run on the second logical core. If you need to run FurMark render thread on a particular set of logical cores, you can launch FurMark with the following option:

FurMark /render_thread_affinity_mask=<mask>

where mask is a bit vector where each bit represents a logical core. For example, if mask=5, the render thread will be allowed to run on the first and third logical cores. To launch FurMark with the affinity mask of FurMark 1.19, run the following command:

FurMark /render_thread_affinity_mask=2

2 – Download

You can download FurMark from the following link:
FurMark (win32 installer)

FurMark_1.20.0.1_Setup.exe hash codes:
- size: 8.17 MB (8562077 bytes)
- MD5: 1466bb22900e6207e4b6e0d494dc7c47
- SHA256: 1a1486c27ec6a67aa11c9e5ce944ca615aca7e72ec4a2a56e5cca2d9b3112565

Previous version:

FurMark_1.19.1.0_Setup.exe hash codes:
- size: 8,190,545 bytes
- MD5: 2a166cbdfd3cf17acc706d5545c0e0ff
- SHA256: a3b7daf590b3ae9adf4b759ac744bc87f74b2b12f14c4d9baa0434e96100f94c

For feedbacks or bug-reports, a thread is available HERE.

Useful links:

FurMark logo - GPU stress test

3 – Changelog

Version - 2018-01-23
! updated GPU-Z 2.7.0

Version - 2018-01-18
! changed default thread affinity mask from 2 to 0. If needed, the 
  thread affinity mask can be set via the command line option 
+ added 21/9 resolutions: 2560x1080, 3440x1440 and 5120x2160.
+ added NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 5GB and NVS 810.
+ added NVIDIA Quadro P1000, P2000, P3000 and P4000.
+ added support of NVIDIA TITAN V.
+ added support of NVIDIA GeForce MX130 and GeForce MX110.
! updated: GPU Shark and GPU-Z 2.6.0
! updated: ZoomGPU 1.21.5 (GPU monitoring library).

FurMark 1.20 with all GPU tools

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