GPU Shark 0.11.0 released

GPU Shark 0.11.0

A new version of GPU Shark, a tiny GPU monitoring utility (Windows 32-bit) for NVIDIA GeForce and AMD Radeon graphics cards is available.


1 – Overview

GPU Shark 0.11.0 is a maintenance release and the support of some NVIDIA GPUs (TITAN V, Quadro P1000/5000, NVS 810), and fixes a bug in the BIOS reading of Radeon GPUs.

GPU Shark 0.11 fixes also a crash at startup when the Mandatory ASLR option of Windows Defender is enabled (this crash was caused by the executable compressor used by GPU Shark).

GPU Shark – simplified view (default mode)
GPU Shark 0.11.0 - GeForce GTX 1070 + GT 1030



GPU Shark can be downloaded here: hash codes:
- file size: 0.58 MB (604473 bytes)
- MD5: 2857e4b2b4aa2e138bc33eb4db80dd32
- SHA1: 3bcda081df240f9b55d4cb5694fe62be0804ec0b
- SHA256: ccbb740e7600e3466ea7013ab0f87974ae13d30127f8914f45b9aff6404da48f

You can post any feedback or bug-report in this thread.


3 – What is GPU Shark?

GPU Shark is a simple, lightweight and free GPU monitoring tool for GeForce and Radeon based graphics cards and is available for Windows only. GPU Shark offers a global view of all your graphics cards in a single window. More information HERE.

GPU Shark – detailed view
GPU Shark - multiple GPUs - detailed mode


4 – Changelog

Version – 2018.01.28
+ added GeForce GTX 1060 6GB for notebook.
! updated: ZoomGPU 1.21.6 (GPU monitoring library).

Version – 2018.01.17
+ added GPU power information for Radeon GPUs (limit and max % TDP)
! updated: ZoomGPU 1.21.5 (GPU monitoring library).

Version – 2018.01.16
! compression of GPU Shark disabled.

Version – 2018.01.16
! fixed BIOS version reading on Radeon RX Vega GPUs.
+ added NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 5GB and NVS 810.
+ added NVIDIA Quadro P1000, P2000, P3000 and P4000.
+ added support of NVIDIA TITAN V.
+ added support of NVIDIA GeForce MX130 and GeForce MX110.
! updated executable packer to prevent crash with Windows Defender (ASLR).
! updated support for AMD Adrenaline graphics drivers.
! updated: ZoomGPU 1.21.4 (GPU monitoring library).

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