GPU Caps Viewer 1.36.x Released with OpenGL 4.6 Support (Updated v1.36.2.0)

GPU Caps Viewer 1.35.x.x

1 – Overview

A new version of GPU Caps Viewer is ready. GPU Caps Viewer 1.36.0 comes with the support of the new OpenGL 4.6. OpenGL 4.6 introduces the support of SPIR-V modules in OpenGL and the set of SPIR-V extensions is listed exposed in the OpenGL panel:

NVIDIA 382.88 driver: OpenGL 4.6 + Vulkan 1.0.56 + GPU Caps Viewer 1.36

Update (2017.08.15)

GPU Caps Viewer comes with the support of Radeon RX Vega 64 / 56 and fixes a bug that prevented the GPU monitoring (GPU panel) from working when a GeeXLab demo was running.

Update (2017.08.09)

GPU Caps Viewer comes with two or three new demos (Vulkan, OpenGL) and improves the Vulkan support (GeeXLab SDK).

2 – Dowloads

2.1 – Portable version (zip archive – no installation required):

2.2 – Win32 installer:

For any feedback or bug report, a thread on Geeks3D forums is available HERE.

GPU Caps Viewer + GTX 1080


3 – What is GPU Caps Viewer?

GPU Caps Viewer is a graphics card information utility focused on the OpenGL, Vulkan, OpenCL and CUDA API level support of the main (primary) graphics card. For Vulkan, OpenCL and CUDA, GPU Caps Viewer details the API support of each capable device available in the system. GPU Caps Viewer offers also a simple GPU monitoring facility (clock speed, temperature, GPU usage, fan speed) for NVIDIA GeForce and AMD Radeon based graphics cards. GPU data can be submitted to an online GPU database.

GPU Caps Viewer panels

4 – Changelog

Version – 2017.08.14
+ added support of AMD Radeon RX Vega 64 and Vega 56.
+ added support of AMD Radeon Vega Frontier Edition.
* fixed a bug that prevented the GPU panel from being properly updated when
a GeeXLab demo was running.
! updated with latest GeeXLab SDK libs.
! updated: GPU Shark
! updated: ZoomGPU 1.21.1 (GPU monitoring library).

Version – 2017.08.08
! disabled custom widget colors.

Version – 2017.08.09
! updated some Vulkan and OpenGL demos.
! improved the Vulkan plugin (GeeXLab SDK).
! updated with latest GeeXLab SDK libs.
! recompiled with latest Vulkan API headers (v1.0.57).
! updated: GPU Shark

Version – 2017.08.01
+ added support of OpenGL 4.6 (SPIR-V extensions).
+ added Vulkan driver information to the TXT and XML report.
! Vulkan plugin (GeeXLab SDK) for Vulkan demos updated (minor bugfixes).
+ added support Radeon HD 7340 (devID: 0x9808).
! updated: ZoomGPU 1.21.0 (GPU monitoring library).


  • Jorge

    thanks a lot!!!

    • Hermit

      你的软件 非常好 为什么不把做一个中文版的让中国人更好的使用呢

  • Nice tool to know about your graphics card GPU details.

  • Jorge


    I just installed v1.36.1 and immediately found a bug. GPU Caps is showing incorrect values for the GPU Clock.
    When the GPU is running at full load (and at full speed), GPU Caps shows wrong values,. I can Run GPU shark at the same time and it shows the correct values.
    When I close the demo window, only then it shows the correct values, until it starts clocking down due to not being used. But if I run the demo again, it’s stuck in the low clocks and doesn’t update correctly.

    Please see the attached image.

    • Yes I just saw this issue. It looks like it’s related to GeeXLab demos only. Built-in OpenGL and OpenCL do not prevent the GPU monitoring. I will look at this bug asap.

      • The bug is fixed. Available in the next update.

        • Jorge

          Thanks! It seems that is already out, but I don’t see it here…
          (maybe you released a private beta or something?)

          • The v1.36.1.1 is in the ZIP version. But this build does not contain the GPU monitoring bugfix. It will be available in v1.36.1.2.

  • Jorge

    Just notice the HUGE difference between the current clocks shown in GPU Caps and GPU Shark..

  • Jorge

    Oh, and the temps do not update, either.

  • Jorge

    just curious, when is the next version coming?

    • probably right after the first reviews of Radeon RX Vega 64 so the update will have Vega 64 support at the same time.

  • Jorge

    Can’t wait for v1.36.1.2!!!

  • 张绮鸿

    Just notice the HUGE difference between the current clocks shown in GPU Caps and GPU Shark

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