MadShaders 0.4.0 Released (Windows, Linux and Mac OS X)

MadShaders - best GLSL pixel shaders in an unique app

I finally decided to take some time to browse and test the latest Shadertoy demos (Firefox/Chrome users on Windows: don’t forget to disable Angle and set the native WebGL support to browse Shadertoy website – more information on the procedure can be found HERE). Hundred and hundred of demos have been created on Shadertoy since MadShaders 0.3.0 and after few hours of browsing, I selected 35 effects for the new version of MadShaders.


Download MadShaders 0.4.0 win64 Version 0.4.0

MadShaders 0.4.0 Windows 64-bit

Download MadShaders 0.4.0 Mac OS X Version 0.4.0

MadShaders 0.4.0 OS X (10.8, 10.9, 10.10)

Download MadShaders 0.4.0 Linux64 Version 0.4.0

MadShaders 0.4.0 Linux 64-bit

  • Windows: Unzip the archive and launch Madshaders.exe.
  • OS X: Unzip the archive and launch
  • Linux: Unzip the archive and launch (the file has the executable rights). Depending on the state of your distro, you might need to install the python-tk package: $ sudo apt-get install python-tk

MadShaders 0.4.0 user interface on Windows
User interface on Windows

MadShaders 0.4.0 is based on the latest version of GLSL Hacker (0.8.1.x) and adds the following new demos:

Here are some screenshots of these incredible pixel shaders (note for those that are discovering these demos: all effects you see are purely procedural and each effect is coded in a pixel shader only!):

MadShaders 0.4.0
Antialiased Worms

MadShaders 0.4.0
Bokeh blur

MadShaders 0.4.0
mobius balls

MadShaders 0.4.0

MadShaders 0.4.0
Tentacle thing

MadShaders 0.4.0

MadShaders 0.4.0
The popular shader

MadShaders 0.4.0

MadShaders 0.4.0
cubic entanglement

MadShaders 0.4.0

The source code of each demo is available in the demos/ folder of MadShaders root directory.

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