GLSL Hacker Released

GLSL Hacker
Particle painting

A new version of GLSL Hacker is available. GLSL Hacker 0.7.0 brings a lot of changes and new features since the last official release. Here is an overview of the main new features:

  • added support of GPU buffers: GLSL Hacker 0.7.0 comes with a new lib called gh_gpu_buffer that allows to manage OpenGL hardware buffers like uniform buffers (OpenGL 3.1), shader storage buffers (OpenGL 4.3), atomic counters buffers (OpenGL 4.2), etc.
  • added support of user dynamic libraries in C/C++: you can now use GLSL Hacker as a window manager only and code your own 3D routines in a dynamic/shared lib directly in C/C++ or in any language that can create DLLs.
  • added drag and drop as well as transparent windows under Mac OS X
  • added FreeImage plugin with floating point (96 and 128-bit) support.
  • added support of OpenGL 4.0 shader subroutines.

OpenGL logo

The complete changelog is available HERE.

GLSL Hacker for Windows, Linux and Mac OS X can be downloaded from THIS PAGE.

All code samples can be downloaded in a single zip file HERE.

An english forum is available HERE and a french forum HERE.

GLSL Hacker - transparent window under Mac OS X
Transparent window under Mac OS X

GLSL Hacker - Particle simulation with GPU buffers and OpenGL 4.3 compute shaders under Linux
Particle simulation with GPU buffers and OpenGL 4.3 compute shaders under Linux

GLSL Hacker - Deferred rendering test with 200 lights
Deferred rendering test with 200 lights

GLSL Hacker - gxOS: the next-gen OS
gxOS: the next-gen OS 😉 – Available in the code sample pack (host_api/gxOS/)

GLSL Hacker - Particle simulation NVIDIA PhysX
Particle simulation NVIDIA PhysX

GLSL Hacker - GeForce GTX LED Logo Synchronized with Music
GeForce GTX LED logo synchronized with music

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