GeForce GTX Titan vs a Render Farm with Six GTX 750

GeForce GTX Titan vs Six GTX 750 Renderfarm

One member of the french forum has built a setup with two goals: performance and price.

He packed into a custom render farm six GeForce GTX 750 and compared the freshly built render farm against a GeForce GTX Titan by rendering a heavy Blender scene.


  • GTX Titan: ~ 1000 euros
  • six GTX 750: ~ 750 euros

Rendering time

  • GTX Titan: 11 min 15
  • six GTX 750: 3 min 9

Power consumption

  • GTX Titan: 250W
  • six GTX 750: 257W

As you can see, the GTX 750 render farm is faster and cheaper than a single GTX Titan.

What’s more, this render farm is also an excellent mining setup!

Hereunder, the comparison between a PC tower and the render farm:

GeForce GTX Titan vs Six GTX 750 Render farm

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  • Rick

    GTX 750 has TDP 55W x 6 = 330W and not 257W

    Yes 6 75 is faster but in the long run it is not cheaper if you count your electric bill.

  • jj99

    Not sure what point he was trying to make… You buy Titan only if you need 6GB memory and/or double precision. 750 can’t give you any of that. Of course it’s new generation, smaller chip and has better perf per W. It can be really better alternative to GTX 770/780 if the software scales properly on multiple cards. For render farm, uploading the scene to 6 video cards can be slow, so this is also a factor to test for, and it’s even more important then pure rendering speed in some cases. The bigger Maxwell chips will be definitely something to look forward!

  • jK

    The strange thing is that already 3x 750Ti outperform the Titan. Either blender, the gpu drivers or bandwidth seems to limit the Titan somehow.

  • Dose

    “Yes 6 75 is faster but in the long run it is not cheaper if you count your electric bill”

    I think you forgot that the Titan needs to run 4x longer than the 750 setup, so actually it consumes more like 3x as much energie.

  • MacAndor

    Rick, if you are a professional, then it is extreemely worth it! The loss with the power bill is absolutely minimal compared to the time you gain for productivity!

  • atikkur

    then titan is absolut

  • Alex

    Which is the motherboard?

  • Anon

    @Alex: Asrock H61 Pro BTC.