GeForce GTX Titan vs a Render Farm with Six GTX 750

GeForce GTX Titan vs Six GTX 750 Renderfarm

One member of the french forum has built a setup with two goals: performance and price.

He packed into a custom render farm six GeForce GTX 750 and compared the freshly built render farm against a GeForce GTX Titan by rendering a heavy Blender scene.


  • GTX Titan: ~ 1000 euros
  • six GTX 750: ~ 750 euros

Rendering time

  • GTX Titan: 11 min 15
  • six GTX 750: 3 min 9

Power consumption

  • GTX Titan: 250W
  • six GTX 750: 257W

As you can see, the GTX 750 render farm is faster and cheaper than a single GTX Titan.

What’s more, this render farm is also an excellent mining setup!

Hereunder, the comparison between a PC tower and the render farm:

GeForce GTX Titan vs Six GTX 750 Render farm

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