NVIDIA R335.23 WHQL Released for Titanfall, New GL_NV Extensions


A new set of GeForce graphics drivers has been released for the game Titanfall. Enhanced GPU clock offset options have been added for GeForce GTX 750Ti / GTX 750.

R335.23 Desktop Downloads

R335.23 Notebook Downloads

NVIDIA R335.23 WHQL - GPU Caps Viewer, GeForce GTX Titan

R335.23 is an OpenGL 4.4 driver and exposes 320 OpenGL extensions (GL=293 and WGL=27). Compared to previous versions, R335.23 adds 3 extensions:

R335.23 exposes two additional extensions for Maxwell GPUs:

The complete list of all extensions can be found here in the GPU Database: R335.23 OpenGL extensions list for GeForce GTX Titan (entry submitted with GPU Caps Viewer).