OpenGL Tools: glRAW and glIsDeprecated

OpenGL Tools: glRAW and glIsDeprecated

1 – glRAW

glRAW is an utility to help OpenGL programmers loading their image assets without depending on third parties.

Main features:

  • converts 2d images to OpenGL compatible raw format that can be directly passed from file into GPU memory
  • supports various OpenGL compressed and uncompressed texture formats
  • allows basic image operations mirroring and scaling
  • allows user-specific image processing through GLSL shaders (e.g., blurring, sharpening, data encoding, …)
  • provides two formats; raw and glraw:
    • .raw as a true raw format, where all asset meta information is either encoded in the file name or aggreed with the importer
    • .glraw, which extends the raw data by an arbitrary file header of binary key-value pairs (e.g., width, height, compression).
  • for both file types, readers are provided (either through linking the library or as copy’n’paste sources)
  • can be used as command-line utility (e.g., integrated within an existing tool-chain) as well as integrated library (requires Qt)
  • some examples with images are shown here: Use cases
  • more features are planned (mip maps, texture arrays, etc…)

More information, code sources and download are available HERE.

2 – glIsDeprecated

glIsDeprecated is a tool to help OpenGL programmers and learners to quickly gather version related information for OpenGL functions and enums.

Main features

  • can be used as a service (glquery.php) or via front-end
  • currently limited to the correctness/completeness of OpenGL Registry (gl.xml)
  • currently limited to gl only (no es, glext etc.)

Planned features:

  • the results will be revisited soon, integrating the opengl manual and community maintained related links (stack overflow, forums, etc.)
  • gpu/driver information gathering (similar to opengl extension viewer) is planned as well