Better Reality 3D Scan (Thorskan), Really Impressive!

Better Reality 3D Scan

Better Reality, a polish company, has developed a technology called Thorskan that allows to scan an environment in 3D and convert it to a 3D model. The result is rather impressive and the following videos show a realtime 3D scene created with the Thorskan engine:

The Thorskan engine should be used in some upcoming video games…



  • roboman2444

    This will work really well for Id tech 5 like engines, but anything with realtime lighting or dynamic things wont work well at all.

  • jj99

    This seems great for a demo, but we are not ready for a terabyte game yet :). Most people even disliked Rage with its “tiny” 30GB.

  • jammer

    But it’s a good idea… instead of spending months/years in modelling complex worlds, you just scan and take existing ones

  • Bob

    And here is the game using this tech!

    It does look very good but like roboman said there are a few issues when it comes to use it in video games (for now):
    Everything is baked and image based, so if one wants to change the lighting he’s gonna have a bad time.
    The only material used in this demo seems to be lambertian so no nice specular reflections and stuff.
    The geometry is fixed, so just removing a brick from the floor, or moving a door one meter to the left might be quite annoying.

    Although I think this kind of tech could be very useful to scan small objects with high fidelity (BRDF sampling and all) and then use them in an engine!

  • Ioan Popovici

    Userul for crimescene investigators…