OpenGL 4.2 Atomic Counters: Rasterization Pattern, Helper for Rendering Optimization (Windows, Linux)

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4 – Bugs…

In the GLSL Hacker demos that comes with this article, I use two atomic counters: one for counting the processed vertices and the second for counting the processed fragments (the demos are available in the moon3d/gl-420-atomic_counters/ folder of the Code Sample Pack).

On NVIDIA GeForce cards, no problem, both atomic counters hold correct values. For the 256×256-pixels quad, we have 4 processed vertices and 65536 processed pixels:

OpenGL 4.2 atomic counters, GLSL Hacker, NVIDIA GeForce GPU

On AMD Radeon cards (tested with latest Catalyst 13.10 beta + HD 6970), only one atomic counter is took into account and all increments (with atomicCounterIncrement) go to this atomic counter. Result: 4 vertices + 65536 pixels = 65540:

OpenGL 4.2 atomic counters, GLSL Hacker, AMD Radeon GPU, bug

I tested two ways: one atomic counter buffer with two elements or two atomic counter buffers with one element. In both cases, there’s a bug with AMD Radeon cards. GLSL Hacker code? AMD drivers?

5 – References

Here some useful links if you need more details about how to implement the support of atomic counters in your 3D engine.

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