NVIDIA FLEX (Unified GPU PhysX) and Flame Works: New Tools for Game Developers

NVIDIA FLEX: unified GPU PhysX

In press conference today in Montreal/Canada, NVIDIA has revealed several new technologies
for game developers.

FLEX, or unified GPU PhysX, is a new tool that should be released during 2014. FLEX should allow more interaction between different effects and will include fluids and particles, soft bodies and clothes. FLEX will included in the PhysX SDK.

NVIDIA has also unveiled Flame Works (from the same Works family than FaceWorks) that offers film-quality volumetric particle effects:

NVIDIA Flame Works

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  • Y2K

    i need that inside 3DsMax. (ツ)

  • Xenox93

    Wow, that’s amazing. I need to have it in new games 😀 BTW, I wonder what hardware is needed to launch the demo :]