NVIDIA R327.23 WHQL Gaming Driver for Windows

NVIDIA GeForce Driver installation

A new set of WHQL drivers is available for all NVIDIA gaming graphics cards. R327.23 (R326 family) supports all
GeForce 8/9/100/200/400/500/600/700 Series and increases performance for GeForce 400/500/600/700 Series GPUs in several PC games compared to R320.49.

R327.23 fixes a bug with PhysX processor selection in the NVIDIA Control Panel: after installing the driver, occasionally the PhysX processor selection is set to CPU instead of AutoSelect (Recommended), resulting slowly PhysX games.

Desktop downloads

Notebook downloads

NVIDIA GeForce Driver, GeForce GTX 780 and GPU Caps Viewer

R327.23 is an OpenGL 4.3 driver and exposes 301 extensions like R326.19. If you need an OpenGL 4.4 driver, R327.24 is your driver.


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  1. Y2K

    thanks, but what’s the big difference between OpenGL 4.3 with OpenGL 4.4 ?

  2. NV

    Nvidia has released GeForce 331.40 beta drivers with OpenGL 4.4 and CUDA 6.0.1.





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