AMD Catalyst 13.10 Beta, OpenGL 4.3 and Better Multi-GPU Support

AMD Catalyst ascii logo

AMD published a new beta version of its Catalyst graphics driver for Radeon HD 5000/6000/7000. Catalyst 13.10 beta improves the CrossFire support and updates CrossFire profiles (Rome Total War 2, Saints Row 4, Metro Last Light).

AMD Catalyst 13.10 beta, CCC information

AMD Catalyst 13.10 beta, GPU Caps Viewer

Catalyst 13.10 beta is an OpenGL 4.3 driver with 266 OpenGL extensions, the same number than this other beta driver.

Catalyst 13.10 beta downloads and additional details can be found on THIS PAGE.

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    ALERT!! due to not read yet about 1.5 months: Should response in my thread “only ~50 fps in ShaderToyMark before bench” (Geeks3D Forum).

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