NVIDIA R326.77 OpenGL 4.4 Driver for Windows

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NVIDIA has released a new beta graphics driver with OpenGL 4.4 support.

According to this message, here are the changes brought by R326.77:

This update fixes the following bugs reported in this forum thread:
Comment #13: main() terminated prematurely
Comment #22: More problems with samplers in structs

Also fixed:
Unable to allocate a DEPTH_COMPONENT16 sparse texture
Rendering corruption with sparse depth textures
Fix system instability when using multiple sparse textures

You can download NVIDIA OpenGL 4.4 drivers from THIS PAGE.

R326.77, OpenGL 4.4 driver, GPU Caps Viewer

R326.77 exposes 317 OpenGL extensions like R326.29, the first OpenGL 4.4 driver.