(Tested) Raspberry Pi Model B Board: Unboxing and First Boot

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2 – The Raspberry Pi Model B Power Supply

The Raspberry Pi Model B requires a micro USB power supply . I selected this model: the HNP06-MicroUSB 6 Watt Power supply. This power supply has an output voltage of 5V and can support up to 1200mA which is enough for the Pi model B board.

Raspberry Pi Model B micro USB power supply

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  • foo

    You will want to cross compile the 3D framework rather than compiling on the device as it cpu is only 700mhz, although it can be over clocked and volted to over 1ghz when using the Governor CPU scaler.

  • lolo

    you should get an Odroid-U2/X2 instead that crappy raspberry :p

  • Thanks lolo for the info. I didn’t know that board and indeed it seems more powerful than raspberry pi. More info about odroid HERE.