Building Worlds With Distance Functions in GLSL (Raymarching)

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4 – Raymarching: Floor + Torus

Build Worlds With Distance Functions in GLSL, GLSL Hacker
Raymarching: floor + torus

This time the only new function is the one that generates the torus:

vec2 obj_torus(in vec3 p)
  vec2 r = vec2(2.1,0.5);
  vec2 q = vec2(length(p.xz)-r.x,p.y);
  float d = length(q)-r.y;
  return vec2(d,1);

The torus has two params: the radius (2.1) and the section radius (0.5).

Like for the sphere, we update the distance_to_obj() function:

vec2 distance_to_obj(in vec3 p)
  return obj_union(obj_floor(p), obj_torus(p));

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