GpuTest 0.4.1 for Windows with Bugfix for Intel HD Graphics GPUs

Geeks3D Intel Ivy Bridge / HD Graphics 4000 testbed detail

Here is a new version of GpuTest for Windows only. I managed to reproduce the crash of GpuTest 0.4.0 reported by RandyR on my Intel Ivy Bridge testbed. In my case, GpuTest crashes with driver v9.18.10.3071. And all GpuTest demos are impacted by the bug!

The cause of the crash is the call of the glUniform1i() after the first binding of a GPU program. And apparently, only glUniform1i is concerned by the issue. I found a bugfix by unbinding the GPU program and right after rebinding it before calling glUniform1i. Here is the pseudo code of the bugfix:

1 - create the GPU program
2 - bind it with glUseProgram(program_id)
3 - unbind it with glUseProgram(0)
4 - bind it again glUseProgram(program_id)
5 - call glUniform1i()

GpuTest 0.4.1 with bug fix for Intel HD Graphics GPUs under Windows
Now GpuTest works fine with Intel HD Graphics GPUs 😉

I think it’s likely a driver issue because GpuTest 0.4.0 works fine with NVIDIA and AMD graphics cards on Windows, Linux and Mac OS X. And under Mac OS X with Intel HD Graphics 4000 GPU, GpuTest 0.4.0 works like a charm too:

GpuTest 0.4.0, FurMark test, Mac OS X with Intel HD Graphics 4000 GPU
GpuTest 0.4.0, FurMark test, Mac OS X with Intel HD Graphics 4000 GPU

You can download GpuTest 0.4.1 for Windows right here:
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For testing purposes with new Intel’s HD graphics drivers, here is GpuTest 0.4.0 for Windows:


  • Leith Bade

    They really need a more stringent certification process for OpenGL drivers. Shows that you need to test GL code on every vendor.

  • Yep, there are many implementations of OpenGL that’s why it takes a long time to ship a cross-platform 3d app…