GTC 2013: NVIDIA Volta, Post-Maxwell GPU Platform

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Maxwell GPU architecture (post-Kepler) is not available yet, but NVIDIA is already talking, at GTC 2013, about post-Maxwell architecture called Volta that features 3D stacked DRAM in order to provide terabyte bandwidth.

GTC 2013 - NVIDIA GPU roadmap

Update (2013.03.20)

8 thoughts on “GTC 2013: NVIDIA Volta, Post-Maxwell GPU Platform”

  1. przemo_li

    Maybe they just show they muscles now so people do not get wrong impressions from Xbox/PS4 GPU news?

  2. DrBalthar

    The only problem is Xbox Next is rumoured to already have stacked memory. So the only thing they show is that they are already (very) late to the game as usual

  3. Triatmemek

    Just STFU and take my money. But, hey… All Nvidia cards are more expensive than AMD. lol

  4. Anon

    @DrBalthar: and how much bandwidth? 10-20 GB? Brain damaged AMD fanboy strikes again.

  5. sfsdf

    Stacked DRAM sounds very interesting.
    Thought this tech was still in research.

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