C++11 Compiler Support: VS2012 vs GCC vs Clang

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For C++ addicts, here is a comparison of the C++11 support between GCC, Visual Studio 2012, Clang (Apple’s compiler that works with LLVM) and Intel C++ compiler. According to the following comparative table, GCC has the best C++11 support. Other compilers are improving the support:

Who knows, by next year all four compilers might support all the C++11 features!

More information can be found in the source HERE.

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  • Mars_999

    Nice write up! Very helpful!

    Go gcc 🙂 Wish I could get a decent IDE for it like VS is…

  • Kai

    Try QtCreator. It’s awesome even if you don’t use Qt

  • Michal

    Who needs C++11 crap? Complexity monster… Sorry I could not resist 🙂

  • raxman

    What about Visual Studio Express? It’s free and it now supports 64bit and OpenMP. Clang does not support OpenMP.
    Also what does alignment mean?

  • DrBalthar

    Express supports OpenMP now? *WOW* damn! I paid good money just to get OpenMP support on previous versions.

  • sfsdf

    Technology progresses agressively.

    Go GCC, two to go and GCC has full C++11 support