GpuTest 0.2.1 for Mac OSX Released

GpuTest 0.2.1 for Mac OSX
GpuTest for OSX, GiMark test (geometry instancing)

Here is a minor update of the OSX version of GpuTest. I added some command line parameters for those who use GpuTest without the GUI and I updated a bit the user interface (GUI). I will publish later all command line parameters in a separate post.

This time I created the zip file directly in OSX and I hope the executable flag +x will be still there when you will unzip GpuTest. Otherwise just set the permission +x to and to (GpuTest without GUI).

GpuTest logo

You can download GpuTest 0.2.1 for Mac OS X here (left-click to grab the file):

Unzip the archive where you want and launch That’s all!

GpuTest 0.2.1 for Mac OSX
GpuTest for OSX, FurMark test

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  • andy

    for how long we need to run this test? Also how to know if all test is ok or not? sorry i am bit new and your help will be much appreciated