NVIDIA Tesla Kepler Family Product Overview

NVIDIA Tesla GPUs overview

If you’re a bit lost with latest NVIDIA’s computing GPUs, here is a quick overview of the recent Kepler-based boards focused on high performance computing: Tesla K10 (two GK104 GPUs), Tesla K20 (single GK110 GPU) and Tesla K20X (single GK110 GPU). Now if you look for the ultimate TFLOP board, the freshly announced
FirePro S10000 should interest you: 5.92TFLOPS for the S10000 against 4.58TFLOPS for the K10…

Tesla K10 GPU Accelerator – Optimized for single precision applications, the Tesla K10 includes two ultra-efficient GK104 Kepler GPUs to deliver high throughput. It delivers up to 2x the performance for single precision applications compared to the previous generation Tesla M2090 GPU in the same power envelope. With an aggregate performance of 4.58 teraflop peak single precision and 320 gigabytes per second memory bandwidth for both GPUs put together, the Tesla K10 is optimized for computations in seismic, signal image processing, and video analytics.

Tesla K20 and K20X GPU Accelerators – Designed to be the performance leader in double precision applications and the broader supercomputing market, the Tesla K20 and K20X GPU Accelerators deliver 10x the performance of a single CPU2. Tesla K20 and K20X both feature a single GK110 Kepler GPU that includes the Dynamic Parallelism and Hyper-Q features. With more than one teraflop peak double precision performance, these GPU accelerators are ideal for the most aggressive high-performance computing workloads including climate and weather modeling, CFD, CAE, computational physics, biochemistry
simulations, and computational finance.

Source: Geeks3D forum


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