GPU-Z 0.6.6 Released

GPU-Z 0.6.6

A bugfix release of GPU-Z is available. You can download GPU-Z 0.6.6 from this page.


  • Fixed GPU-Z window getting cut off on non-standard DPI settings
  • Fixed overclock calculation error on NVIDIA non-Kepler GPUs
  • Fixed GPU-Z not starting or crashing the machine on systems with broken HPET implementation
  • Fixed SLI not getting detected under Windows XP
  • Fixed garbled board name on some older Radeon cards
  • Fixed several memory leaks
  • L6788A voltage controller on HD 7750 and HD 7770 will now display correct default voltage
  • Added support for NVIDIA Tesla M2070

It’s time for a little update of FurMark…

Source: Geeks3D forum


  • Fix the download link.. it links back to this page 🙂

  • Thanks Zibri, fixed!

  • Dennis Mungai


    What is the safest way to overclock an ATI Mobility Radeon HD 5650? I intend to overclock mine permanently (even after Windows reboot) from stock 55o MHz core and shader speed to 700 MHz core and shader speed.

  • komar

    still having little issues on reading Max boost frequency on keplers.
    With a base clock offset of 145 mhz +

    Gpu reads:
    1170 max boost frequency.
    But actually 1205 max boost frequency when playing.

    Should i consider that my kepler is “well yielded” and able to bypass the 12 bins limit on not so demanding applicationq because of the lower tdp ?

  • komar

    dennis try this software MSI afterburner:

    Dont adjuste voltage of any kind.
    You don’t need it anyway on mobile chips.

    the gpu frequency : adding frequency by 15 mhz step.

    the GDDR3/5 memory : adding frequency by 50 mhz step.

    then launch your most gpu demanding application and test if your settings are “rockstable”.

    Or u can use FURMARK or MSI KOMBUSTOR for testing purpose.

  • GTX680 is DX11.0, not 11.1. GPU-Z is still wrong on that.