NVIDIA R304.79 Beta Graphics Drivers with TXAA Support

NVIDIA GeForce drivers installation

NVIDIA has published few hours ago a new set of graphics drivers in beta version. R304.79 is available for all versions of Windows (XP, Vista, 7 and 8) and comes with PhysX System Software v9.12.0604 (a newer version is available HERE), new SLI profiles (The Secret World, End of Nations, Nexiuz) and TXAA the new anti-aliasing technique that is available on Kepler-based cards (GTX 600-series).

NVIDIA TXAA is new film-style anti-aliasing technique designed specifically to reduce temporal aliasing (crawling and flickering in motion) through a combination of hardware AA, custom CG film style AA resolve, and a temporal filter.

You can download R304.79 here:

R304.79 is an OpenGL 4.2 driver and exposes 301 OpenGL extensions for a GTX 680. You can find all extensions in this post: R304.48. R304.79 is based on the r304_00_124 dev branch.

NVIDIA R304.79 + GTX 680 + GPU Caps Viewer
GPU Caps Viewer


  • sfsf

    Very interesting.
    New generation of antialiasing by using temporal information.
    This algorithm seems to be the first in using it that I’m aware of.

  • fellix

    SMAA have a temporal mode before this, and the latest FXAA 4.0 also uses temporal information one of its modes.

  • Zlip

    XP 32-bit link is incorrect…

  • @Zlip: thanks, fixed!

  • Psolord

    Will this be implemented on previous models?

    Is there a reason it could not hardware-wise?

  • 2filwla

    hardware-wise – no, marketing-wise – yes.
    And its requires developers to incorporate it first before end user can use it. They should work on FXAA 4 (and give us an option to choose FXAA quality preset) – more usuful.

  • Anon

    @2filwla: not sure if similar to movies anti-aliasing isn’t hardware-wise or just outdated technology supporter.

  • 2filwla

    I dont think TXAA can’t be done on at least 400 and 500 series. I’m not technical guy, but it sounds like it, when I read that 2xTXAA costs the same as 2xMSAA, performance wise. Its marketing, and maybe some workforce\time management – working on it only with one gpu series (and just launched) is more efficient, and the work can be done faster.