(Tested and Burned) ASUS GeForce GTX 680 DirectCU II TOP Review

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6 – GTX 680 DC2 TOP Overclocking Test


For the overclocking test, I used the following tools to validate the OC parameters:
- MSI Kombustor with the new GL4 burn-in test (soon available)
- Unigine Heaven 2.1
- 3DMark11

To be validated, the OC must pass all tests. Here are the OC parameters:
- power target
- GPU boost clock
- GPU voltage

I used ASUS GPU Tweak to set each of the OC param. After a bunch of tests, I found this stable OC:
- power target: 159% TDP
- GPU boost clock: 1251MHz
- GPU voltage: 1137mV

Now if we reduce the set of the apps test to 3DMark11 only, I found this OC setting:
- power target: 159% TDP
- GPU boost clock: 1300MHz
- GPU voltage: 1137mV

At 1300MHz the GTX 680 is stable under 3DMark11 but crashes with Unigine Heaven or MSI Kombustor. Only a GPU clock of 1251MHz is stable. Some other reviewers have found a stable GPU clock around 1350 MHz, but as you can see, a stable OC is closely dependent on the test application.

Here are the overclocked scores (1201MHz is the default GPU boost clock):

- Unigine Heaven @ 1201MHz: FPS: 71.7, Scores: 1806
- Unigine Heaven @ 1251MHz: FPS: 73, Scores: 1840

- 3DMark11 @ 1201MHz: P9064
- 3DMark11 @ 1251MHz: P9277
- 3DMark11 @ 1300MHz: P9446

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