Google Blockly: New Visual Programming Language

Google Blockly

Google Blockly is a new programming language. It’s actually a visual tool that runs in your browser (no plugin needed): to code something, just drag-n-drop blocks fill the fields of the blocks, and connect them according to your algorithm. Google Blockly can export your block-based code to JavaScript, Dart, and Python.

Here are the main features of Google Blockly:

  • Execute in a web-browser. No downloads or plugins needed.
  • Exportable code. Users can extract their programs as JavaScript, Dart, Python or other language so that when they outgrow Blockly they can keep learning.
  • Open source. Everything about Blockly is open: you can fork it, hack it, and use it in your own websites.
  • Highly capable language. With the ability to calculate standard deviation using a single block, Blockly is not a toy language.
  • Blockly in itself is not an educational platform. Blockly is an editor that may be used as part of an educational platform, or as part of a business suite, or as part of a gaming system, etc.

Google Blockly is a not a true new language: it takes its source from App Inventor:

How does Blockly relate to Scratch, App Inventor, etc.?
The short answer is that Blockly was influenced by App Inventor and App Inventor was influenced by Scratch. Rather than being a stand-alone program, Blockly is a code editor that can be embedded into a larger project. For more information, see the page of Alternatives to Blockly.


I quickly (…) tested Blockly in this demo:

Google Blockly test

Here is the code in Python:

Google Blockly test

Look at the difference between the simple Python code and the blockly visual code… 😉