A New Dawn: Upcoming NVIDIA Tech Demo for Kepler-Based Graphics Cards

A New Dawn - NVIDIA tech-demo for Kepler GPUs

NVIDIA will release in few weeks a new tech-demo to showcase the performance of Kepler based graphics cards like the the GeForce GTX 670, GTX 680, GTX 690. This demo is a serious refresh of DawnThe New Dawn compared to the previous version:

A New Dawn - NVIDIA tech-demo for Kepler GPUs

More information and preview video available HERE


  • Vojtech

    I was expecting little more, but im still impressed. Interesting reading.

  • atikkur

    i hope this can be run on fermi also.

  • DrBalthar

    Some things are better left dead!

  • Matt

    I’m still frustrated that Nvidia hasn’t posted the other GTX 680 demos yet! e.g., the destructible pillars and fur…