Amazing Soft-Body Physics in CryEngine 3

From BeanNG

The amazing soft-body physics you know from Rigs of Rods, now even better in CryEngine3. Anything can be built in the Beam physics system – cars, trucks, planes, boats, trains, cranes, tanks, helicopters, and even destructible map objects and crash test dummies. It’s all real physics. Anything is possible.

10 thoughts on “Amazing Soft-Body Physics in CryEngine 3”

  1. atikkur

    been waiting for this.. it’s now the time, everything must be physic based, yes, bring it all.

  2. nuninho1980

    I detect collision errors found. :S But you try to eliminate errors and we will get amazing. 😉

  3. DrBalthar

    Collision detection is a really tough problem and it hasn’t been sufficiently solved yet. And this video demo shows lots of faulty collisions

  4. alfero

    I think they gonna make racing game 8)
    well every polish will take time to improve the game.

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