FurMark 1.10.1 Released

FurMark 1.10.1

Comparative tables of FurMark scores (Preset:1080 and Preset:720) are now available HERE.

FurMark scores comparative charts

A maintenance release of FurMark is ready for stressing and overheating your overclocked GPUs! FurMark 1.10.1 brings bugfixes and updates (ZoomGPU 1.8.3 with GeForce GTX 690 and GTX 670, GPU-Z 0.6.2 and GPU Shark 0.6.3). See the changelog for more details.

FurMark 1.10.1 DOWNLOAD

You can download FurMark 1.10.1 here:
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FurMark 1.10.1 Changelog

  • Update: updated gpu monitoring code with memory usage (when available).
  • Update: GPU-Z 0.6.2 and GPU Shark 0.6.3.
  • Update: ZoomGPU 1.8.3 (GPU monitoring library) with support of latest GTX 690 and GTX 670.
  • Bugfix: in gpu monitoring, max value of GTX 600 power was not saved.
  • Bugfix: minor bugs fixed in score submission.
  • Bugfix: gpu monitoring thread was not stopped when FurMark initialization failed.
  • Bugfix: gpu monitoring xml report was not well-formed (closing tag missing).

FurMark 1.10.1

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