Intel HD Graphics Driver v2712 for Sandy and Ivy Bridge Processors

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Intel has published a non-password-protected version of the v2712 HD Graphics drivers. This graphics driver supports the GPU of Ivy Bridge and Sandy Bridge processors.

You can download the 32 and 64-bit versions for Windows 7 from this page.

The version 2712 is an OpenGL 3.3 (build driver and exposes 132 OpenGL extensions (GL=118 and WGL=14) like the v2696.

Intel HD Graphics driver v2712 - GPU Caps Viewer, Ivy Bridge

Intel HD Graphics driver v2712 - GPU Caps Viewer, Ivy Bridge, OpenGL

Intel HD Graphics driver v2712 - GPU Caps Viewer, Ivy Bridge, OpenCL


  • martinsm

    Does it also support OpenGL 3.3 for Sandy Bridge HD Graphics 3000?

  • JohnJack

    Sandy Bridge is still stuck at OpenGL 3.1 with this driver (according to OpenGL Exensions Viewer 4.05) :(.

  • GMA

    Intel beta drivers, no idea if they install on Win7 or not.

  • Peter

    Hi J. Excellent update. I did try it for a while. It seems more of bugfix/maintenance release than a performance one, as scores across usual benchmarks seem almost same as with v2696.

    Well, good news is there’s an official beta driver for windows 8 that actually includes v2729 ( driver for win7. Even though its beta, every game i tried went really smooth & dandy. But then there was a MAJOR major disappointment, from GPU-CV (benchmarks), FurMark, PhysX tests; none of’em showed any 3D objects within rendering window, just a shading background, that’s all. Hope you could see into this coz Kombustor is running flawlessly (avg=40, max=43 @1280×720).

    Finally the biggest surprise came from 3DMark V. Since the driver version 2509, I haven’t been able to get a score a single digit higher than P1457 (Truckload of testing with various settings). But this newer v2729 just went straight away to P1481 !!! (GPU=1128, CPU=23709).

    Kindly spare some of your precious time to take a look into resolving above matter. Its really sucks, not being able to run all those fundamental benchmarks.

  • Peter

    @ GMA:

    Apologies for redundant update. Driver v2729 is definitely a performance boost. It runs fine on Win7 besides above quirks and some other minors too (in GPU-Z, it shows the “DirectCompute” as un-checked, contrary to previous drivers where this box used to be tick-marked as “DirectCompute 4.1). But then again, we’re talking about beta-testing here. It makes sense.

  • Peter

    Another issue discovered with beta v2729. Awaking PC after sleep mode (standby) and re-running the 3DMark V is generating a lot of artifacts in rendering and scores dropped to P1300s. Fruits of Beta testing I guess 🙂