FurMark 1.10.0 Released With GeForce GTX 680 Support

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Comparative tables of FurMark scores (Preset:1080 and Preset:720) are now available HERE.

FurMark scores comparative charts

Et de quatre! Like GPU Shark, GPU Caps Viewer and EVGA OC Scanner X, FurMark has been updated with the full support of NVIDIA’s GeForce GTX 680 (clock speeds and power monitoring). Alongside the GTX 680 support, true clock speeds are now displayed (useful with End-Of-Life GTX 580…) and GPU monitoring code runs now in its own system thread. GPU Shark and GPU-Z have updated to their latest versions. For more information see the changelog at the end of the post.

FurMark 1.10.0, burn-in test, GeForce GTX 680

FurMark 1.10.0 Download

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FurMark 1.10.0 main interface

Multi-GPU: SLI and CrossFire

Both multi-GPU technologies (NVIDIA SLI or AMD CrossFire) are supported by FurMark but you have to use some little tricks to properly enable the multi-GPU support. See these articles for more details:

FurMark, NVIDIA 3-way SLI
FurMark stressing three GTX 480 in SLI

FurMark 1.10.0 Changelog

  • New: added list of detected GPUs in the main interface.
  • New: stress test options are now in the settings box.
  • New: support of NVIDIA GeForce GTX 680 (clock speeds and power monitoring).
  • New: support of latest AMD Radeon (HD 7900, HD 7800 and HD 7700) cards.
  • New: added resolutions 4096×1152 and 6144×1152 for 2048×1152 monitors.
  • New: display of the true clock of the GPU when available (NVIDIA only).
  • Update: GPU monitoring moved in a separate system thread.
  • Update: GPU data monitoring report updated (Log GPU data in Settings box).
  • Update: minor changes in the way GPU monitoring information is displayed.
  • Update: ZoomGPU 1.8.2 (GPU monitoring library).
  • Update: GPU-Z 0.6.0 and GPU Shark 0.6.1

FurMark at ASUS's lab
FurMark at ASUS’s lab

6 thoughts on “FurMark 1.10.0 Released With GeForce GTX 680 Support”

  1. Zibri

    Again, an horrible program. Enabling SLI can be done by software and they can’t even do that, go figure.

  2. John

    Zibri – what are you talking about? This is a great little tool – been using it for few years and through x850-HD3870-HD4850-HD4850 X-Fire-HD6970.

    Great tool!!!

  3. Peter

    This is some heavy stuff! .. well, ok, atleast for intel’s taste.

    Intel GMA X3100
    640×480 (really freaked out with all warnings)
    Default settings/options except Burn-in=off, Dynamic BG =off (generates error)
    1-3 FPS

    Intel GFX HD2000
    640×480 (just for comparison sake)
    Default settings/options except MSAA=4x
    5-8 FPS

    Keep it up, J

  4. Raphael Edwards

    This is really useful. I suspected My GPU was knackered, this proved it. ATI 3800, when it reaches 115 degrees, it keeps slowing down and speeding up. Load drops to zero and then back to 99. Clearly a major problem. New card needed, damn it.

  5. kaiser

    i’d freakd out too
    nvidia 105G mobile
    1-3 frams per secs
    got a error

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