Notepad++ 6.0 Released

Notepad++ logo

A new major version of Notepad++, the free source code editor for Windows, has been released today. Here are the new features of the version 6.0:

  • PCRE (Perl Compatible Regular Expressions) is supported.
  • Add Document Map feature (via Menu “View->Document Map”).
  • Enhance the loading performance for the large file.

You can download Norepad++ 6.0 HERE.


  • pillum

    thanks, I notepad++ as my main editor for almost every file
    but these three new features are not really main page worthy 🙂

  • I just tested and the loading of large files is a bit better. I hope that one day, Notepad++ will be able to load large and very large files like ultraedit.

  • pillum

    I hope that they finally integrate a Hex Editor in it.

  • Leith Bade

    I think the problem with Notepad++ is it loads the whole file rather than just loading the bit you are looking at.

  • Thanks for the heads up. Notepad++ is my primary non-code editor.

    pillum: they used to have a hex editor built in a long time ago, its been available as an (unstable) plugin for a while now. Hopefully they do add a supported one back in.