NVIDIA R301.10 WHQL Graphics Drivers for GeForce GTX 680


NVIDIA has pushed online the first WHQL-certified driver for the new GeForce GTX 680. This R300 family driver introduces the following new features:

  • NVIDIA GPU Boost Technology – dynamically maximizes clock speeds based on workload of the game to push performance to new levels and bring out the best in every game.
  • NVIDIA FXAA Technology – shader-based anti-aliasing technology available from the NVIDIA Control Panel that enables ultra-fast anti-aliasing in hundreds of PC games. FXAA delivers similar quality to 4x multi-sample antialiasing (MSAA) but is up to 60% faster, enabling substantially higher performance in games. Note: This feature is disabled for games already have built-in support for FXAA.
  • NVIDIA Adaptive Vertical Sync – dynamically enables vertical sync based on your current frame rates for the smoothest gaming experience.
  • NVIDIA Frame Rate Target – dynamically adjusts frame rate to a user specified target. Support for this feature is enabled via third party applications via NVAPI.
  • NVIDIA 3D Vision Surround Technology – with a single GeForce GTX 680 you can expand your PC games across three displays in full stereoscopic 3D for the ultimate “inside the game” experience. NVIDIA Surround also supports triple screen gaming with non-3D Vision monitors.
  • NVIDIA NVENC Support – adds support for the new hardware-based H.264 video encoder in GeForce GTX 680, providing up to 4x faster encoding performance while consuming less power.

R301.10 WHQL Downloads:

NVIDIA R301.10 for GTX 680, GPU Caps Viewer
GPU Caps Viewer 1.15.1

This driver, based on the r300_68-51 branch, exposes the OpenGL 4.2 API (292 OpenGL extensions)
and the OpenCL 1.1 API.