AMD Leo DX11 Tech-Demo for Radeon HD 7900 Series Updated With Educational Mode

AMD Leo Tech-Demo for Radeon HD 7900 Series Updated

AMD has updated its Direct3D 11 tech-demo Leo, developed to show off the power of Radeon HD 7970. Leo 1.1 adds the educational mode that describes what features the demo exploits.

The educational mode works fine for NVIDIA GeForce cards (but it’s not the case for the demo mode) and you have to press ECS once the demo is launched (black screen) to see the menu.

You can download the demo (755MB) from this page: AMD Radeon HD 7900 Series Graphics Real-Time Demos.

Here are some screenshots with a GTX 580 + R301.10 WHQL:

AMD Leo Tech-Demo for Radeon HD 7900 Series Updated

AMD Leo Tech-Demo for Radeon HD 7900 Series Updated



  • nuninho1980

    🙂 Does 301.10WHQL fix 100% light missed? But is it 30x.xx driver only?

  • AMDhater

    Just give up AMD. nVidia is superior in every aspect.

  • i SPY

    -_- Not really.

    anyway, it doesnt work on nvidia, still… Even with 301.10 @ 570gtx.

    All i get is black screen.

  • @i SPY: when you get the black screen, just press ESC and you should see the menu of the demo.

  • i SPY


    Ok it worked in educational mode (most of the time, expect for something called hw shadows), but in demo it doesnt 🙁

  • Os

    @AMDhater : Hi, i’m wondering why do you want AMD to give up as they are the only one pushing NV to make better cards ?
    If AMD did gave up, well, you would still be playing with a G92 …
    Now that NV released the 680, AMD can put a green light on the 7990 to crash the party 🙂

  • rogalik

    I don’t know if anyone noticed it, but try to open “Sushi.ati” as an archive. Inside there is a folder “UI”, if which you can find the menus. HelpScreen.swf is interesting, because you can’t activate it in the demo and it probably would enable moving around.

  • rogalik

    All right, I’m a n00b. To enable freefly mode just add -debug to the shortcut and press F while in demo.

  • Good find, rogalik

    it appears there’s also a benchmark mode, activate it with argument -benchmark or ALT+B

  • hahaha

    WTF!? This demo can be run on Nvidia cards? Nvidia rocks!

  • samsi suardi


    If AMD gives up, then you should pay a mid range card for $700. You still want that happens?

  • Batman

    Competition is a good thing guys, it keeps both Companies honest to some extent.

  • gettoxp

    i have runned the tech demo on evga nvidia geforce gtx 580 ti superclocked 1Ghz 1,5 GB
    without problems. on the first start i got 3 screens at once on one monitor but after restarting no problems.
    i used a driver scanner to install catalyst shader manager and catalyst install manager and no problems running the demo.
    i got 28 – 42 fps during benchmark. using driver version 314.7 windows 8 pro x64 8gb ddr3 ram and 3.2 intel core 2 quad cpu.